Ideal Kitchen Direction as Per Vastu?

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While building a house or a commercial space, it is important to keep Vastu shastra in mind. A building constructed by following the rules of Vastu is believed to attract positive energy. It is believed to bring success to people in these constructions by channelising positive energy into them.

Why Choose Kitchen Direction as Per Vastu?

An important part of the construction is its kitchen. We must choose the kitchen direction as per Vastu. You can ask why should Vastu shastra be followed? Vastu shastra is an ancient science that has existed since the Vedic ages in Indian society.

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Vastu shastra is a science that discusses the effects of architecture and construction on lifestyle and health according to the placement of various house parts such as bedrooms and kitchens.

Vastu shastra includes the design, arrangement, measurement, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry of a house. In the ancient period, every construction was heavily influenced by Vastu shastra. Nowadays, people often underestimate the essence of the Vastu and ignore the rules provided by the ancient sages. It eventually attracts various negative consequences.

The Essence of Vastu in house construction

The construction rules of Vastu shastra were initially made for building and designing temples. The people gradually started to adopt the rules. They started implementing them in residential houses to replicate the feeling of peace from the temple.

Vastu provides certain rules that help choose the location and direction of rooms and household things. When followed properly, these rules channelise a positive aura in the house. This aura is belive to envelop your house in a happy and healthy home.

The Ancient Vedic Scriptures Provide 10 Directions, Which are as follows.

 North - Uttar
 East - Purva
 West - Pashchim
 South - Dakshin
 North-East - Ishanya
 South-East - Agneya
 South-West - Nairutya
 North-West - Vayavya
 Skywards - Urdhwa/ Akash
 Downwards - Adharastha/ Patal

The 10 Directions are Dominated by 10 Guardians Accordingly. Such as,

Kubera the god of wealth, dominates the North.
Yama the god of justice, dominates the South.
Indra, the god of weather, dominates the East.
Varuna, the god of the sea, dominates the West.
Sadashiv, the god of resurrection, dominates Ishanya.
Agni, the god of fire and sacredness, dominates Agneya.
Vayu, the god of air, dominates Vayavya.
Nirriti, the demigod of sorrow, dominates Nairutya.
Brahma dominates Urdhwa, and Narayan dominates Adharastha.

They have their effect on a certain place. If the right room is built in the right element dominating direction, it will channel a good omen.

Kitchen direction as per Vastu

The kitchen is an integral part of the house. The family relies on food cooked in the kitchen. The members' energy depends on the food cooked inside the kitchen. Similarly, the energy a kitchen possesses depends on the location and direction of the kitchen. Therefore, it is essential to have the kitchen in the right direction of your home as per the Vastu shastra.

Directions to select when choosing your kitchen direction as per Vastu

Vastu shastra kitchen must be situated in Agneya or South-East, the fire-dominated direction. However, northwest or Vayavya is also considered a good direction if other factors are also in place. The kitchen in the right direction improves the overall health of the family. The South-East kitchen allows the sunlight to enter the room. The aura of sunlight helps the food to get specific energy.

Why should you not ignore the kitchen direction as per Vastu?

You must never build a kitchen in the northeast direction. That is Ishanya's direction; Ishanya is the direction of the water god that is bad for the kitchen, which requires fire domination. The clash between fire and water will create inauspicious energy that will imbalance healthy living.

How can you gain the best results by arranging your kitchen direction as per Vastu shastra?

There are small yet certain rules in Vastu shastra about the placement of the kitchen essentials.

The Stove
A stove in the kitchen must be in the South-East corner as it is a fire-dominant direction. The South-East direction has the power of the sun and planetary Demi god mars, which cleans the food from harmful foreign elements like viruses and chemicals.

The Cooking
Cooking should always be done facing North; if facing North is impossible, you must go for East or West but never select the South direction.

The Sink and Water Pot
The sink and the water pot in the kitchen must be in the North-East direction. It must be far from the stove, as it represents water dominance. A clash between the two can generate negative energy in your home.

The Exhaust Fans
The exhaust fans are essential for ventilation, so they must be placed at the Eastern end of the kitchen.

The Door and Cupboard
The entrance must be in the opposite direction of the exhaust fan in the West. The cupboards or utensils unit must be installed in the southern or western wall, according to the Vastu.


Vastu shastra is essential to lead your home in a better direction. Follow the provided tips and avoid the wrong setup by selecting your kitchen direction as per Vastu. A better kitchen leads to a healthy future. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact Nakoda Urban Services.

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