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Best in Class AC Services In Mumbai Offered by us:

Window AC Services

  1. Window AC Repair 
  2. Window AC Check-up
  3. Window AC Installation
  4. Window AC Uninstallation
  5. Window AC Gas Refilling
  6. Window AC Repair

Split AC Services

  1. Split AC Repair 
  2. Split AC Check-up
  3. Split AC Installation
  4. Split AC Uninstallation
  5. Split AC Gas Reflling
  6. Split AC Repair

Our Experts Will Look Into The Following Aspects:

  1. Air-filter cleaning
  2. Checking the equipment for issues
  3. Checking the ground connections
  4. Checking the cooling capacity
  5. Thoroughly cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils
  6. Water leakage in the air conditioner
  7. Cleaning the condenser fan and blower, and more.

Equipment Used For AC Repair Services:

The AC repairing and maintenance service expert from Nakoda Urban Services will reach your doorstep equipped with it the necessary tools and machinery that are required for AC servicing, ensuring a hassle-free quality experience to the customers.

Safety Measures Followed By Experts At Nakoda Urban Services

  1. We make sure to maintain social distancing and minimal touch during our service visits.
  2. All our team members are thoroughly checked for body temperature, daily by a dedicated team of healthcare experts.
  3. The professionals at Nakoda Urban Services wear gloves and masks.
  4. Frequently sanitizing the hands is ensured.
  5. It is mandatory for all the team members to update their health status on the Arogya Setu App.


FAQ's Related To AC Repair Services in Mumbai

Q: What is done when AC is serviced?

Ans: During the AC servicing, the experts open the parts of your air conditioner to clean the specks of dust, bacteria, and debris from the evaporator coil, condenser coil, and other parts of the appliance. Whether you have split AC or window AC installed, you can get all kinds of services under one roof. So, if you are looking for air conditioner repair in Mumbai, Nakoda Urban Services is the right pick for you!  

Q: What maintenance does an air conditioner need?

Ans: The AC requires regular maintenance to ensure its efficiency in the long run. The air conditioner replacement includes inspection, replacement, cleaning of coils, removing dust and debris, defect rectification, and many more. Nakoda Urban Services is the best place for AC repair and service in Mumbai. Feel free to give us a call to book an appointment!

Q: How many times should AC be serviced?

Ans: As per the experts saying, you should get your AC maintenance every year at least twice, once before its usage and second after its use. To get AC repair and service in Mumbai, give a call to Nakoda Urban Services.

Q: Can we use AC without servicing?

Ans: Yes, you can use your AC without servicing, but if it is used for too long without any maintenance, you can often face a breakdown. To get the timely air conditioner repair in Mumbai, contact Nakoda Urban Services.  

Q: Can I service my AC myself?

Ans: Yes, you can service your ac yourself if you have the required skills. However, if you do not have the safety measures and tools, you should reach out to the professionals. If you are searching for authentic AC repair and service in Mumbai, visit the website of Nakoda Urban Services.

Q: How long does AC maintenance take?

Ans: The ideal time for general AC maintenance is 20 minutes, but it can take around 2 to 3 hours if your air conditioner has more complexities. However, timing also depends on the number of ACs that is needed to be checked. To get air conditioner repair in Mumbai, check the Nakoda Urban Services website.

Q: How much does it cost to service a split system air conditioner?

Ans: Nakoda Urban Services charges an accurate amount of INR 549 for the split system air conditioner. However, the cost also depends on the number of ACs needed to inspect, complexities, replacement, etc. If you want to get your AC repair in Mumbai, reach out to Nakoda Urban Services.

Q: How much does it cost to service the air conditioner?

Ans: The charges of the air conditioner rely on the type of services you are attaining. You can check the company’s costs, terms, and policies for  AC repair service in Mumbai on their website.

Q: AC repair and service center in Mumbai takes how much time for repairs?

Ans: The AC repair in Mumbai by Nakoda Urban Services can take around 1 to 3 hours. However, many factors can influence maintenance timing, such as the number of ACs that need to be cleaned, condition of the air conditioner, replacement of parts, and many more.  

Q: What are some preventative maintenance things I should be aware of?

Ans: Some of the essential preventive maintenance things that you should be aware of checking are the gas connection for leaks, cleaning coils and air filters, tighten electrical connections, lubricating the parts of the air conditioner, etc. For AC repair in Mumbai, check out th website of Nakoda Urban Services.  

Q. When should I get my AC repaired in Mumbai?

Ans: The perfect time to get AC repair service in Mumbai is during the falls. To book an appointment, you can check out the website of Nakoda Urban Services and choose as per your requirements.

Q. How do I book AC repair services near me in Mumbai?

Ans: You can open the website of Nakoda Urban Services for AC repair service in Mumbai and choose the service you want. Apart, you can also customize your services as per your requirements.

Q. Do Nakoda Urban Services repair centers service all types of AC?

Ans: Yes, Nakoa Urban Services provides repair services for all kinds of AC. You can check their website for AC repair in Mumbai.  

Q. Will the Nakoda Urban Services AC repairing technician visit my location in Mumbai for the repair?

Ans: Yes, the Nakoda Urban Services technician visits your house to offer AC repair service in Mumbai. For an appointment, visit their website.

Q. What are the charges for basic servicing of AC?

Ans: The charges of the air conditioner highly depend on the type of AC you own. To get AC servicing in Mumbai, contact Nakoda Urban Services.

Q. What may be the reason my AC is running but not cooling?

Ans: If your AC is not cooling, dirty air filters can be one of the reasons. To prevent this problem, get your AC repair in Mumbai from Nakoda Urban Services.

Q. What is included in AC servicing in Indore?

Ans: AC servicing in Mumbai includes cleaning of the central unit of the air conditioner, coils, condenser, air filter, and other parts. It also includes the replacement of the parts which are no longer working, cleaning of evaporator fan, leakage check, fin cleaning, coolant level check, etc.   

Q. Does Nakoda Urban Services Carrier AC repair centers in Mumbai offer a warranty on the parts which are being replaced?

Ans: Yes, Nakoda Urban Services provides a warranty for all the parts getting replaced during the AC repair service in Mumbai. To book an appointment, open the website and fill the query.

Q. What Should I do if AC is not cooling?

Ans: You should book an appointment for AC servicing in Mumbai from Nakoda Urban Services website to get the inspection done. Many factors can affect the cooling of your air conditioners, such as the damaged condenser, sweltering weather conditions, damaged central unit, and many more.

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We have a dedicated team of certified window AC repair experts who have complete knowledge of what it takes to restore the condition of your appliance. In case you come across any issue with your AC, our window AC service technicians will help you by looking through the problems and offering the best possible solution at the most affordable prices. This is what makes Nakoda Urban Services your reliable AC service professional all across India. 

We are focused on providing an affordable window and split AC repair in Mumbai experience to the customers as we are driven by the approach of building a strong community of satisfied clients. 

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