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Top 10 House Cleaning Services in Visakhapatnam:

Services Included In House Cleaning Services:

  1. Includes of all Rooms Cleaning , Bathrooms Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning and Balcony Area Cleaning.
  2. Ceiling dusting by M/F Duster
  3. Fans / Ac dusting & Cleaning
  4. Walls dusting by M/F Duster
  5. Window and channel cleaning
  6. Curtain Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, mattress & carpet vacuuming
  7. Glass Cleaning
  8. All Wooden Furniture, Doors, etc. cleaning and Polishing
  9. Floor Scrubbing
  10. After removing the fridge, almirah, sofa, and cleaning the floor, the goods will be put back in place
  11. Oil layer on the kitchen wall will be removed by the kitchen cleaner
  12. Water stains, pan stains, or floor stains in the bathroom will be removed


Materials & Equipment’s Used In House Cleaning Services:

  1. Professional cleaning chemicals
  2. Single-disc floor scrubber/handheld scrubber
  3. Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Microfiber Cloths for dusting
  5. Mops, Scotch Brite / foam or scrubbers.
  6. Ladders, bucket, wiper and mugs etc.


Time Duration: 6-8 Hrs

Benefits Of Booking Us For Home Cleaning Services:

  1. Best price guarantee: We offer you the best and lowest price offered in the market.
  2. Five Star Rated Experts: Providing you with the top certified and accomplished practitioners.
  3. Timely Service: Our specialists are committed to delivering timely services.
  4. 100% safe chemicals usage: Our Experts use environmentally friendly chemicals


Safety Precautions Follows In House Cleaning Services:

  1. Minimal touch contact & social distancing
  2. Mandatory temperature monitoring.
  3. Wearing masks and gloves.
  4. Regular sanitization of hands.
  5. Compliant of the Aarogaya Setu App.

We Also Provide Other Services Like 

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  2. Office Cleaning Services
  3. Sanitization Services
  4. Glass Cleaning Services
  5. Carpenter Services
  6. Painter Services
  7. Pest Control Services
  8. Packers Movers Services
  9. Plumbing Services
  10. Electrician Services
  11. Ac Repair Services


FAQ's Before Home Cleaning Services In Visakhapatnam

Q: What are Home cleaning Services?

Ans: Home cleaning is an action of removing dust & impurities from the areas and things in a home. It is done by dusting, wiping, vacuuming, and sweeping the floors and surfaces. Nakoda Urban Services has won the hearts of thousands of homemakers with their ultimate home cleaning services in Visakhapatnam. 

Q: What kind of material and equipment do we use?

Ans: When it comes to cleaning a home, the task is not just restricted to brooming & moping the floor but also cleaning furniture and appliances using different cleaners and equipment. Nakoda Urban Services ensure their professional cleaning staff cleans your home with high-quality degreasers, tile/floor cleaners, disinfectants, and microfiber cloths, etc. Owing to the usage of premium material and equipment for home cleaning purposes, we have been able to deliver the best home cleaning services in Visakhapatnam along with the great customer experience. 

Q: Why do I need a Home deep cleaning?

Ans: When it comes to maintaining hygiene, people focus on home cleaning at first. While everyone cleans their home on daily basis (brooming & moping), but this does not reduce the chances of infection and illnesses inside your home. To keep your home bacteria-free, you need to do home deep cleaning. However, if you do it single-handedly, you will end up spending a lot of money, time, and energy. Additionally, you may hire someone to help you with cleaning tasks. Therefore, try the best home deep cleaning services in Visakhapatnam at Nakoda Urban Services. 

Q: How much time will it take to deep clean my home?

Ans: Generally, deep cleaning of home would consume somewhere between 1 to 4 hours. The exact duration of home deep cleaning depends on certain aspects such as how dirty the home is, how many appliances are there, what is the area of all rooms, etc. We, at Nakoda Urban Services, promise to serve you with bespoke home deep cleaning services in Visakhapatnam. 

Q: How often should I get my home deep cleaned?

Ans: You should get your home deep cleaned no less than once a month. However, its advisable to get it done two times every month to keep illnesses & bacteria away from your family.  Being a homemaker, it’s not easy for you to handle deep cleaning and other household works together. Therefore, hiring professional cleaners from Nakoda Urban Services is the best option for you. We offer the best home cleaning services in Visakhapatnam.

Q: Where are your services available?

Ans: We provide home cleaning services in Visakhapatnam. Nakoda Urban Services has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of people in and around the jewel of the east coast. To know more about our services, visit our website Nakoda DCS. 

Q: What cleaning products will you be using?

Ans: We, at Nakoda Urban Services, know how crucial it is to maintain cleanliness at home. Every family has people of different ages- adults, aged, kids. The safety of the family is the biggest concern for every homemaker. This is why a major focus is imposed on home cleaning. Our professional cleaners will use antibacterial sprays, white vinegar, floor/tile cleaners, vacuum cleaner, etc. Get in touch with us for home cleaning services in Visakhapatnam. 

Q: Can I get an over-the-phone estimate or do you have to come to my home?

Ans: No, it’s not necessary. Once you confirm your requirement for our home cleaning services in Visakhapatnam, we’ll send our officials at your place for exact estimation. Then you can go through the actual cost sheet of cleaning services at our official website “Nakoda DCS”. 

Q: How do I pay for my Home cleaning services?

Ans: At present, almost all customers choose to pay digitally owing to the safety concerns. Therefore we have an online payment option for those who want contactless payment method. On the other hand, if you want us to make a cash payment, we support that too. You happily accept offline payments also. At Nakoda Urban Services, you won’t face any issues while paying for home cleaning services in Visakhapatnam.

 Q: Do I need a deep cleaning service in Visakhapatnam?

Ans: Home deep cleaning is necessary not just to make the interior look nice but also hygienic for every family member. Of course, you don’t want anyone to fall sick at your home. Therefore, ensure all items and surfaces in your home are germ-free with home deep cleaning services in Visakhapatnam by Nakoda Urban Services. 

Q: How often should I get my house deep cleaned in Visakhapatnam?

Ans: Make your home look beautiful and hygienic by deep cleaning it no less than once every month. If you want to save some cost, time, and energy, hire the professionals from Nakoda Urban Services who will deliver you the best home cleaning services in Visakhapatnam. 

Q: Is there any insurance or guarantee for home cleaning services?

Ans: Yes, we provide our home cleaning services in combination with some guarantee & insurance provisions. They include bonding, licensing, property damage, etc. For additional information, visit organization’s website: Nakoda DCS. 

Q: How much will it cost in Visakhapatnam to clean my hall alone?

Ans: If you choose to clean your hall without anyone’s help, you will end up spending somewhere between 2500 to 7000 INR. Furthermore, it can vary on the area of your hall, its dirtiness, and furniture & appliances.  If you’re ready to spend this much amount for deep cleaning your hall, we would suggest hiring professionals from Nakoda Urban Services. We will give you the best-in-class home cleaning services in Visakhapatnam at the best rates. 

Q: Do I need to leave the house during the House deep cleaning process?

Ans: No, it is not mandatory. It’s your choice to stay inside or outside your residence during deep cleaning. We advise you to get outside your house during this process because it involves cleaners and disinfectants that release weird orders. You may find it tough to tolerate those odors. However, if you still want to see how everything works, you can stay inside. Nakoda Urban Services will assign you professional cleaners who will offer you the best home deep cleaning services in Visakhapatnam. 

Q: How can I pay for the Home cleaning services?

Ans: We provide our customers with both online and offline payment provisions. It’s up to you whether you want to make payment digitally or in cash. Customer experience and convenience matter the most to Nakoda Urban Services.  We ensure the best value to each of our clients with our home cleaning services. 

Q: What to look for before choosing a home cleaning service provider in Visakhapatnam?

Ans: Certain factors should be on your mind before joining hands with a home cleaning service provider in Visakhapatnam. They include professional experience, testimonials, cleaning guidelines & procedures followed by them, and license to operate in the industry. Nakoda Urban Services has considerable experience, thousands of happy customers, and important licenses and documents. Being a legitimate company, we ensure professionalhome cleaning services in Visakhapatnam.

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