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House Cleaning Services in Kolkata -

House Cleaning Services in Kolkata -

Are you looking for cleaning services in Kolkata? Well, you have come to the right place. At Nakoda, we offer an extensive range of cleaning services ranging from residential cleanup to commercial space cleanup. We understand that having an unclean surrounding can get really difficult to get along with. Moreover, conducting a deep cleanup by your own can be really difficult at times. That’s where we step in and offer our clients a healthy and clean environment. We see ourselves as a prominent player in this industry of cleaning service providers. Check out why we stand out as a deep cleaning service provider in Kolkata.

Why Choose Us?

Nakoda Deep Cleaning has expanded the services to almost all the major cities in the country. Besides, we have much experience in creating a hygienic environment for various clients not just in Kolkata but in other major cities also. The equipment which we use are backed by advanced technology. Moreover, we are more privileged and pleased to tell our customers about our team of experienced representatives who are always available to help you out with your disorganized surroundings. So, reach out to us for any requirement related to cleaning services in Kolkata. 

What Do We Offer?

Check out our range of services that covers your interest to have a clean atmosphere, no matter you looking for house cleaning services in Kolkata or for a commercial space. The following are the services we operate in and you can avail them by calling us at 91-9310170597.

Residential Deep Cleaning – let’s make your home a gorgeous looking clean place to reside after all a clean home is corresponding to a clean mind. Our residential deep cleaning service involves absolute cleanup of window sills, bathroom, living room, balcony area and as well as the bedroom. To avail, the house cleaning services in Kolkata, contact us on 91-9310170597.

Kitchen cleanup

Living room cleanup

Bedroom cleanup

Bathroom cleanup

Balcony are cleanup

Commercial Deep Cleaning – Every commercial space is special in a certain way ranging from corporate offices to vivacious banquet halls and from beautiful resorts to conference centers. The classy floorings as well as the delightful wall décor necessitate a personalized approach to look beautiful.

Ceiling fans and Light Vacuumed

Sofas, curtains, and carpets cleanup

Windows, window frames, and floor cleanup

Washroom, door, door frames, and switchboards

This is not just we also offer sanitization service to residential area as well as your office area to protect you from all the likely diseases.

Reach Out to Us

To avail of our extensive range of house cleaning services in Kolkata, reach out to us via phone call or by mainly placing a call request on our website. Our company representative will associate with you and make a note of your requirement. Soon our team skilled representatives will reach your given location and carry out the complete process of cleanup to offer you a clean and upbeat environment. Besides, you can avail of our sanitization service to safeguard your loved ones who are present either at your home or at your workplace.