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Best in Class Sanitization Services in Delhi

Services Inluded in Sanitization Services

1. Covers all Rooms, Kitchen, Bathroom and Balconies

2. Disinfection will be done by ULV Fogger Machine using Diversey Virex II 256


Materials & Equipment’s Used By Our Sanitisation Experts

  1. Our team performs sanitisation and disinfection with advanced machine tools like ULV Fogger Machine and Diversey Virex machines that provide proper sanitisation after results. 
  2. Eco-friendly sanitising agents that are world-renowned approved by WHO that is not harmful to health and skin, making them safe to use. 


Benefits Of Sanitisation Services By Us 

  • Getting deep sanitisation services for your home or commercial spaces ensures that your environment is free from all the harmful disease-causing viruses and bacteria
  • Sanitisation services ensure a safe environment for you and your family, prolonging an increased healthy life. 
  • Nakoda Urban Services have a strong team of experienced and trained professionals who guarantee effective and satisfactory disinfection services. 
  • With the required time period or given time, we complete our sanitisation services. 


Safety Practices Followed By Our Team

At Nakoda Urban Services, we pay special attention to our staff members' safety and hygiene and our clients. Thus we follow extensive safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the pandemic in present situations.

  • Regular temperature and hygiene checks for all the staff members 
  • Entry is only allowed after showing safe health status on the Aarogya Setu app. 
  • You get to enjoy zero contact sanitisation services by our professionals. 
  • All the staff members are provided with proper safety gears, including mask, gloves, shoe covers, etc. 

Book Nakoda Urban Services to get the best hygienic sanitisation and disinfection services with satisfactory results!

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FAQ's sanitization-services-in-delhi

Sanitization services are offered by the experts to protect the homes, workplaces, social spots against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. If you search for reliable sanitization services in Delhi, Nakoda Urban Services is the right choice to make.
Hiring a professional sanitizing company in Delhi for the sanitization of a 2000 square foot house can cost you somewhere between 999 to 1499 rupees, depending on the duration.
Sanitization is the process of cleaning a particular area, surface, or place to make it bacteria, virus, and fungi-free. It also involves the sanitization of clothes, water, vegetables, and all kinds of hard surfaces. There are various types of sanitization, such as chemical sanitization, antimicrobial sanitization, foam cleaning sanitization, etc. If you are looking for sanitization services Delhi, Nakoda Urban Services is the superior choice to make.
The cost of hiring sanitization Delhi will highly depend on the area, and several rooms need to be cleaned. The lowest price of hiring disinfection services is somewhere around 799, leading up to 10,000 depending on the duration.
A lot of people get confused between sanitizing and cleaning. Cleaning refers to removing visible dirt, dust, etc., that could affect health, causing infection. It is done with the aim of keeping the environment healthy and clean. At the same time, sanitizing refers to stopping the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It will kill the virus and prevent its growth on the surface or a particular area. It reduces the presence of bacteria by 99.9 %. However, if you are looking for a sanitization company in Delhi, Nakoda Urban Services is the proficient choice to make.
Duration of the sanitization depends on the area and numbers of the room that needs to be cleaned. If the house is big with multiple rooms and bathrooms, it can take somewhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour. It also depends on the procedure of the sanitization and the products being used.
At this point, cleaning the house every day has become the top priority for everyone not to let the virus let in the house. Some of the essential areas are the door, handle, kitchen, and the products you buy from outside. However, if you live in a big house, it might become difficult for you. You can visit the website of Nakoda Urban Services to get reliable sanitization services in Delhi.
It is one of the most important aspects during the time of the covid pandemic. The virus is commonly spread through playing in parks, by not maintaining social distancing, etc. Many people go out and come into the house touching lift buttons and door handles without being aware. It is one reason why it is important to sanitize society. Besides, it keeps the area healthy and kills hundreds of microbes, which are not visible to the eyes of humans. You can give a call to Nakoda Urban Services for sanitization in Delhi.
The cost of the sanitization for the workplace and home depends on the duration and area. If you wish to rent sanitization regularly, it can cost you somewhere between 3,000 to 4,000 INR, depending on the rooms, bathrooms, locations, etc. To book sanitization services in Delhi, give a call to Nakoda Urban Services.
Sanitization professionals are well-trained workers or employees who participated in months of training. They have years of experience in the field of the work they specialized in. It is best to hire a professional because they adhere to all the safety protocols and take full precautions while visiting your home. To hire a professional sanitization services Delhi, book an appointment with Nakoda Urban Services.
The sanitization and disinfections last for around 24 hours. However, if you have some covid positive in your house, the first thing you need to call for sanitization in Delhi. Nakoda Urban Services is one of the prominent names for offering sanitization services in Delhi.
The duration of sanitization services in Delhi depends on the area, rooms, and location. Generally, it takes between 20 minutes to 1 hour. The processing time of sanitization is around 45 to 72 minutes.
No. The family members have to go out of the house for sanitization. It contains chemicals necessary to kill the virus, and exposure to such chemicals can cause severe respiratory health conditions and other illnesses. Once the sanitization is done, the family can enter the house. To book a reliable sanitization company in Delhi, give a call to Nakoda Urban Services.
It highly depends on the kind of products and virus. There are various disinfection products available in the market, but the sanitizing depends on different processes. However, as per the studies, sanitization kills 99.9% of germs. If you are looking for sanitization Delhi, book your appointment with Nakoda Urban Services
Nakoda Urban Services is one of the leading sanitizing companies in Delhi, highly focused on customer service and the premium quality of services. Whether it is a home or workplace, we believe in building strong communication by understanding the requirements and needs of our customers. We have highly skilled experts who follow all the safety measures and take precautions to keep our customers safe and secure from the virus.

Sanitization Experts In Delhi